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Bagus Yong Tau FU stall has a history ofmore than 10 years.

This unique Halal stall has attracted many Malay friends throughout the years with our traditional Malay Hakka “yong tau fu”. The delightful “Clear”, Hakka, Ampang are all our signature soup bases in Bagus. Also, we have other choices of delicious snacks, finger food, Laksa and Tom Yum soup.

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our signature La Mian

and handcrafted tradition fish paste mee.

  • It is gorgeously soft yet springy and the tasty and succulent fish paste is like no other. Our ingredients are freshly prepared on the spot upon order, giving our customers incredible freshness. Our fresh carbon grilled fish gives a subtle natural sweetness to the soup. Each stuffed tofu is full of intentions for our service and this is a culinary experience not to be missed. The art of Bagus “yong tau fu” is truly a labour of love.



These crispy and tender chicken wings most recommended.

Great place if you're looking for good value and excellent Yong Tau Fu with quality and fresh ingredients. Vegetables were prepared in a manner appropriate to the cooking method, so that they were actually cooked..




Varieties of food to choose from

There is a variation of Yong Tau Fu ranging from Laksa, Tom Yum, Hot & Spicy, Hakka, Ampang and the Original one there for you to choose from. You may have your Yong Tau Fu only without the noodle.

There are also side dishes such as Cuttlefish with Kang Kong, Fried Fritters with Sotong Paste & Fried Wanton.


Fresh & reasonably priced!

If you like crispy food and fresh yong tau fu, then this is the place.From tofu to prawns they are deep fried in such a way that it is still crispy even if left out in the open for awhile.

Anywhere & Anytime. Call us for Reservations Today! Opened from 10am to 9.30pm Monday to Sunday

276/278 Changi Road, Singapore 419756

+65 6346 0276

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